Learn How Taxing Divorce Differently After 2017 TCJA Affects Mortgage REFI & NLO Now & Next Year!

Keeping the house just got harder with the 2017 TCJA [Tax Cuts & Jobs Act] and tax changes impacting divorce and mortgage for 2019-2025 (with additional changes in 2018).


Learn how BIG federal tax changes affect You through REFI and NLO | new loan origination - now and next year!

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  • Date: WED, August 29, 2018 | 5PM-5:45PM PDT

Time zone: Pacific Time (US & Canada)

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Are You Prepared for More Divorce-related REFI/NLO in 2018? Especially QTRs 3 & 4?

  • Divorce is changing in 2018, with more filings and more acrimony from federal tax reform and BIG tax changes affecting Alimony & Mortgage. Get ready with this FREE Webinar!

  • Evaluate TCJA changes in Alimony Taxation for 2019+, and compare 2018 incentive to finalize divorce before 12/31/2018.

  • Confirm which IRS federal tax changes are already in effect, changing divorce & mortgages for 2018.

  • Distinguish ongoing mortgage interest deductiblity under $750,000 and acquisition/improvement secured debt.

  • Review which HELOCs are grandfathered out of the new TCJA deductibility limit for real estate acquisition/improvement secured debt.

  • Examine how 20% deduction for Pass Through Businesses Strategically Changes Tax Filing Status during the year divorce is finalized.

  • Want to increase referrals and production in 2018? Learn more about the smarter way to specialize in the Divorce Mortgage Niche!

Meet The Webinar Faculty

Geoff Zimpfer

Mortgage Marketing Institute: Mortgage Marketing Institute (MMI) is the place where Mortgage Professionals can find truth in mortgage marketing, useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for building a thought leader platform, getting noticed and getting clients in today’s noisy world.

Prof. Kelly Murray, J.D.

With degrees from Stanford & Harvard Law, Prof. Murray is on the faculty of a top 20 law school (since 2005). As co-founder of DivorceThisHouse.com, Prof. Murray teaches judges & lawyers/mediators, as well as mortgage professionals and real estate agents how to successfully specialize in Divorce Real Estate.

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